About Us

Limerick Farms deliver high quality, cost effective meadow hay direct from our farms to your door.

Originating from ‘Limerick Park Racing’ a highly regarded horse training and education facility in the South West of WA, the company diversified into ‘Limerick  Farms’ in 2012. This was due to the observation that with the increasing demands of the Australian sport horse, a more palatable natural diet was required. This inspired the development and production of quality meadow hay to assist with meeting nutritional requirements of our equine partners to better assist them with the physical and mental stress associated with training

Limerick Farms is situated near the Ferguson Valley and Dardanup on rich fertile soils. With this in mind it became the ideal and reliable area for growing meadow hay for fodder. Our aim is to grow the best quality, weed free, natural meadow hay specifically designed for the equine market. We are using the latest variety of legumes and grasses to suit nutrition and palatability requirements for performance, racing and pleasure horses.

With a long history in the racing and sport horse industry, with the product tried and tested, Limerick farms is your one stop natural fodder solution.

Please contact for all orders and further information

Rhys 0408944234, ryuill150@gmail.com

Ian 0427511274, wyungafarm@bigpond.com