Product & Pricing

Product packages



Small square bales

  • Packs of 12
  • Bulk order 8 or more packs
  • Minimum 4-5 packs per delivery depending on location (Note: Please ring Rhys for more information)
  • Also available for purchase at Herne Hill Stockfeeds



  • 120cm diameter
  • Available at Herne Hill Stockfeeds ONLY


Product Pricing

Small Square bales

  • $14.60 per bale delivered
  • $14.00 per bale bulk order (8 packs or more depending on location)

Round bales

  • Only available at Herne Hill Stockfeeds

*Prices will not change through the year for hay delivered during 2020 season*

There is no maximum order limits. Please note that minimum delivery requirements may change depending on delivery location.

Let our passion, skills and years of experience in agriculture, bring you the BEST meadow hay!

We stand by every bale we deliver to assure that you are getting the best quality product.

Please contact for all orders and further information

Rhys 0408944234,

Ian 0427511274,