Limerick Farms guarantee the highest quality meadow hay free from mould and weeds!


Quality control testing

  • Limerick Farms Meadow Hay is ARGT tested (Annual Ryegrass Toxicity)
  • Meadow hay samples are taken from each paddock annually and sent to Agrifood Technology to test parameters such as sugars, protein, digestibility, mineral levels and metabolisable energy. Complete feed analysis reports can be made available to our clients upon request.
  • Our aim at Limerick Farms is to produce meadow hay which is palatable and nutrient rich to reduce the need for concentrated additives .Management strategies are implemented throughout the growing season to keep WSC (water soluble carbohydrates) and simple sugars low, whilst not compromising on protein/energy.

100% Quality guarantee

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of a bale of hay, we will REPLACE it for FREE with your next delivery.
  • You must put the bale you want replaced aside for inspection.