Limerick Farms can deliver our high quality meadow hay right to your door.


Delivery options 

Small square bales

  • Packs of 21
  • $14.80 per bale delivered
  • $14.40 per bale bulk order ( 6 packs or more per delivery depending on location)
  • Minimum of 3-4 packs per delivery depending on location
  • Available for pickup at Herne Hill Stockfeeds
  • Please note prices may change due to seasonal conditions
  • Prices will not change for 2021 delivery season

Round bales

  • Pick up from Herne Hill Stockfeeds ONLY, no delivery.

There is no maximum order limits. Please note that minimum delivery requirements may change depending on delivery location.

We have a little Avant loader that travels on the truck, so we can easily manoeuvre the packs, and position them conveniently in your shed.

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Delivery charges?

Our quoted price includes delivery to your stable. Our aim is to deliver to your door with as minimal cost to you as possible.

Small orders?

For small orders (less than a truck or trailer load), we will try to combine your order with other customers in the area.

*Call Rhys for details re combining with neighbours deliveries. Conditions apply. *

If you don’t want delivery?

If you live local to Limerick Farms (Bunbury region) you are welcome to come and pick up your hay from the farm any time (just give us a call in advance so we know you’re coming), or arrange your own freight if you like. Hay straight from the shed has a baseline cost of $13.20 per bale inc GST. Please note this price may change due  to seasonal conditions. 

If you live in the swan valley or surrounding areas our hay rounds/squares are also available at Herne Hill Stockfeeds.